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      Character Count: Free, Quick and Safe Program

      It often happens that some programs limit the number of words to use. Mobile apps manifest the message. It can be incomplete if the character limit was not preserved. It irritates and prevents us from proper communication. Due to that, today there are applications which are able to count characters. They show the number of words, letters, lines, spaces, and paragraphs you have used. It is very convenient. You can present the core of the message and do that properly. Why Word Counting Is So Important

      A great number of colleges ask students to write various academic papers. Each one has its requirements. Among them, you might find the length limitation. As a rule, college committee demands a concrete number of characters (with and without spaces) or words. For example, an abstract to academic research papers should include up to 200 words.

      There are limitations not only in the academic sphere but also on social platforms. Some of them show Character Count at the bottom of the page. Thanks to that, you could see the number of permitted words or characters left. Still, there are apps which do not provide such a function. Fortunately, you might use online programs which can help you count words.

      Previously, people were to sit in front of the monitor and calculate characters. Today one can turn to Character Count software. It is an online program with an easy to use interface.

      Is It Only for PC?

      One can use this program on any device. It does not matter whether you have a laptop, a tablet, Android, iPhone or iPad. The software counts the words quickly and qualitatively. Students can write essays or any other academic paper just right there. They will see how many characters and words they have used in their assignment. Nobody will lose points because of inadequate word count. This program is exact.

      Character Count Limit on Social Platforms

      Blogs and social platforms help us reflect our personality. We share ideas, emotions, and impressions. We can communicate and get or provide some useful information. Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, LinkedIn, WeChat, WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, Blogspot.com, and other platforms mirror human thoughts via text messages and visual materials. A person should be ready to write briefly in many cases. For example, a description for some blog page should contain not more than 500 symbols. Titles on eBay are also limited. A person has to apply less than eighty characters. Twitter lets its users create only 280-letter texts.

      So, one may conclude that it’s great to have Character Count at one’s fingertips. It’s also essential to consider a few things. There must be not only letter count but word count as well. You might need the overall number with and without spaces. Nobody knows what requirements could be. That’s why you are to be ready to present everything.

      Ways to Utilize the Program

      Users do not find any difficulty in using the Character Count. One can define the number of characters in the following ways.

      • Copy/paste
      • Printing inside the program

      You can use the first variant if you already have a ready text. It can be taken from Word or Internet. You should just copy the text and insert it. The program will display the number of characters, words, lines, paragraphs, spaces you have in the message.

      If you want to save your time you can print the text inside the software. Click the empty field and fill it. You may type and see the required information on the spot.

      Surely, you might check the quantitative information about the text using other programs. Some of them present a thorough SEO analysis. Do you always need it? No. By the way, such programs demand additional mouse clicking or keyboard combinations like Ctrl + Shift + C.