What is the character count for twitter? - 280 characters

We should probably start with what Twitter is all about. Twitter is a popular American social network whose users can leave so-called "tweets", communicate and read the posts of other users.

Those who have ever used or are using Twitter should also know that there are character restrictions on Twitter. That is, a particular string can only be filled with a certain number of characters, and you simply can't write more than the application allows.

Characters are all the characters, letters, numbers, and spaces you have on your keyboard. Now we're going to look at how many characters you can put in a particular line on the social network Twitter. The character limit of this application also includes emoticons, hashtags, punctuation marks and so on. Furthermore, one emoticon counts for two characters, because an emoticon weighs 2 bytes of data.

twitter background

As with all social networks, it is necessary to register on Twitter before you can use all the features of the application. During registration, as with all the social networks, you need to fill in lines such as username and biography. And after registering while using it, you need to post tweets or posts. 

As mentioned previously, Twitter has some restrictions, or limits, on characters. You will now find out how many characters you can enter in a particular field. To find out this information, just keep reading.

And so, a post or tweet holds 280 characters, this amount of characters includes absolutely all signs, letters, numbers and even spaces. That is, it turns out that the user can write no more than 280 characters in his post. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate whether or not you fit into the limit, because after reaching this number of characters, you will not be able to write anything more in this tweet.

Next, consider the number of characters in a Twitter Profile Name, they are given 50 characters. Accordingly, the user will not be able to enter a profile name with more than 50 characters. A bio can have no more than 160 characters, and a Twitter-Descriptor can have up to 15 characters. Twitter-Descriptor is a username, which means it can't be longer than 15 characters.

Twitter also has a messaging feature called Direct Message or DM, for short. Twitter DM can only contain up to 10,000 characters, which is quite a lot.